COMET3™ Reservoir Simulator

Advanced Resources’ COMET3™ reservoir simulator for gas shale, shale oil, and coalbed methane (CBM) reservoirs was the first of its kind in the marketplace, the initial version having been developed in the early 1980’s when both resources combined contributed less than 1% to U.S. gas supply. Since then it has remained the industry-standard reservoir simulator for these reservoir types. Advanced technical features include:

  • A triple-porosity/dual-permeability option for certain gas shale, tight oil, and coalbed methane (CBM) reservoirs
  • Multi-component sorption for enhanced coalbed methane (ECBM) recovery and carbon sequestration (CO2 sequestration) applications
  • A robust permeability model capable of modeling stress sensitivity

For additional literature on COMET3™ as well as technical papers describing the model theories, and model testing and benchmarking studies and the brochure, please follow links on this page. For more information about COMET3™, please contact Anne Oudinot by e-mail at


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Case Studies

  • Enhanced Gas Recovery and CO2 Storage in Coal Bed Methane Reservoirs: Optimized Injected Gas Composition for Mature Basins of Various Coal Rank, Karine Schepers, SPE; Anne Oudinot, SPE; Advanced Resources International, Inc.; Nino Ripepi, SPE; Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research 2010 SPE-139723-MS ,SPE Conference Paper. Available at
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