Advanced Resources’ Strategic Advantage Products and Services

Strategic Advantage, our North American Natural Gas Supply and Price Service, provides clients with mid-term supply and price projections to year 2040, including in-depth analysis of key drivers affecting the outlook for natural gas supply, demand and prices.

  • Strategic Advantage (Standard Service) consists of two annual reports (in slide deck format): A comprehensive start-of-year report with an on-site presentation and a mid-year update report with a teleconference presentation.
    • The Comprehensive Start-of-Year Report is designed to provide management with fundamental information for their annual planning cycle, including:
  • Our overview of the status of the North American natural gas market.
  • Two projections for natural gas supply, demand and prices, reflecting two alternative expectations for world oil prices.
  • Detailed supply projections by supply regions.
  • Discussion of the impacts of technology progress, resource depletion and changes in industry’s cost structure on supply and prices.
  • Discussion of special topics, such as infrastructure constraints, government policies and regulations affecting supply, demand and prices.
  • An Excel Workbook with detailed data on annual natural gas production from each supply basin and source, including all unconventional gas basins, offshore Gulf of Mexico, onshore conventional resources, and Canada.
  • The Mid-Year Report provides an update to the Comprehensive Report and highlights key developments in the natural gas industry since the first of the year.
  • Strategic Advantage (Customized Service) provides the client additional options, including examination of additional input assumptions on world oil prices, alternative outlooks for LNG export capacity/utilization and other factors affecting the outlook for natural gas as well as natural gas liquids supply, demand and prices.
    The Customized Service provides long-term projections to year 2040. In addition, Customized Service clients have the ability to choose topics of special interest for more in-depth analysis, such as the nature and pace of technology progress in shale development, the status of natural gas DUCs (drilled but uncompleted), and the outlook and economic viability of associated gas from “tight oil”, among others.

For more information on Advanced Resources’ Strategic Advantage Standard Service and Customized Service and how it can provide insight for your planning and strategies, please contact Mr. Brett Murray by e-mail at

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